Radio Waves Album

 I release a new download album entitled 'Radio Waves' this Thursday. The album collects together various works created for radio. These include 'Clapton Pond: A Radio Musical' (2018)and 'Christmas Night: A Radio Musical' (2018). These are presented in their entirety with any notable songs also appearing separately.

There were a few things I couldn't include for technical reasons such as two tracks from a Dexter Bentley Session I did in 2017. The album also features a new song entitled 'The Bad Stand-Up'. I also unearthed a demo from 2009 of the track 'Simon' which is the original basis of the 'Clapton Pond' musical.

Any profits from the album collected before the end of January will be donated to Hackney Winter Night Shelter I chose this organization partly due to it's Hackney connection to 'Clapton Pond' (Clapton is directly next to Hackney)

All details of the album are here....

Here is what I said about 'Clapton Pond: A Radio Musical' back in 2018.

Here is what I said about 'Christmas Night: A Radio Musical' back in 2018.

Radio Waves cover. Image originally from 'Clapton Pond' promo shoot.

'Christmas Night' promo pic. Timings relate to original broadcast.

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