Vintage Style Kajagoogoo T-shirt!

This t-shirt of 80's pop winners Kajagoogoo has been created for my friend Martin Tompkins in reward for his help making the 'Comets' video last month. He really is a talented guy. You can visit his website here and view mine and other pop videos he has made as well as his excellent photography work... I will be away until mid-august so please be aware there may be some delay in replying to your messages during this time.

James Bond and Indiana Jones T-shirts

These two t-shirts were commissioned for two young fans of Indiana Jones and James Bond.

Comets Pop Video

Please enjoy this recently completed pop video. It was directed by the extremely talented Martin Tompkins. The song 'Comets' will be featured on my forthcoming album 'ICU on Telephono: 1986'. It has a new age kind of feel. This is probably as a result of reading Colin Wilson at the time of recording and the fact that it was recorded using an FM3 Buddha Machine. Any hey I hope you like it!