Cogs- No hits 00-10

I have just signed up to this bandcamp atom. Please enjoy this free download/stream album of old tracks. Most of them recorded in the early part of the last decade under the name Cogs. If you own my previous albums and have all the tracks you will be delighted to find that this features the previously unreleased track 'Please, Please Mr Robot' I should be releasing some new music in 2014. If all goes to plan that should mean two albums.

Atomic Tribute to Doctor Who

During the years 1990 to 1991,the year after Doctor Who was axed I made a series of comics based on my own incarnation of the Doctor. The comic was no doubt prompted by the fact that the BBC were not producing any more stories at the time, so I basically decided to fill the void by making my own. At the end of last year I decided to make one more. This story entitled 'The Dalek Invasion of Keighley'(my home town) was made for fun and designed to be a sort of spoof of the original comic. Again,the readership was my mother and sister. Any hey,here is a few panels from the comic that I hope you enjoy. The comic was made purely for fun and is not for sale. However,if you email your address I'd be happy to send you a copy for free!
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