Porno Horror Article in Darkside 236

 My in depth article on pornographic horror films appears in the current issue of Darkside Magazine (236) published end of last week.

You can order a copy here....

It's also on sale at all major newsagents such as WH Smith etc.

It covers a wide variety of films such as 'La Bete' (1975), 'Though the Looking Glass' (1976), and 'Nightdreams' (1982). Even Ben Dover's 'Death Shock' (1982) gets a passing mention!

Through the Looking Glass (1976)

Nightdreams (1982)

Beast in Space (1980)

Widow Blue! (1970)

Happy Halloween 2022

 My drawing/painting of Pipes from 'Ghostwatch' which was broadcast thirty years ago today in 1992. It terrified the nation (including me!) Taken from my short graphic memoir 'Ghost Stories I Remember' published by Colossive Press this year. 

Interview on Sheffield Live show Radioactive!

 You can listen to my interview on the Sheffield Live arts programme Radioactive.Thanks to Sarah and Tim for having me on the show (again!) and for all their support in the last year with numerous mentions of my artistic oddments on the programme..... 

Things discussed were 'Ghost Stories I Remember' (Colossive Press), 'We Can collect the Keys' (Lost Futures) and 'Grandad Reg'(Kus!) as well as my noughties home-recording odyssey. We also discussed the book 'Fifty Lost Books' published by And Other Stories. We talked a bit about my nineties Doctor Who Comic as well as the end of Jodie Whittaker's time in the Tardis.

Buy a copy of 'Ghost Stories I Remember',Astley%20to%20the%20Holy%20Ghost.

Buy a copy of 'We Can Collect the Keys'

Buy a copy of 'Grandad Reg'
Listen to Cogs 'Laugher and Footsteps'
Order 'Fifty Forgotten Books'
My Doctor Who Felt Trip at Haunted Generation.

Felt Trip 2!

 After my 'Felt Trip' was published a few weeks ago via Bob Fischer's  brilliant Haunted Generation website I received a few emails asking me to show some of the later 'darker' material hinted at in the piece such as 'The Texas Worm Invasion' (1992). So here are are a few more from my archive. You can read the Felt Trip piece on the link below. This more 'mature' work was inspired by various sci-fi and horror films I would have been consuming at the time.

I have a complete list of early comics made between 1987 and 1995 somewhere. I will add it to this page if and when I find it. I took a break from making comics for a few years after 1995 and concentrated on other creative endeavours so this period represents my first era of  making comics.

Alien Fleet (1990)

The Texas Worm Invasion (1992)

The Texas Worm Invasion (1992)

The Punk (1992)

Bloody Christmas (1992/93)

Bloody Christmas (1992/93)

Psycho City (1993/94)

Psycho City (1993/94)

Psycho City (1993/94)

Psycho City (1993/94)

Psycho City (1993/94)

The Sad Story of Little Devil (1995)

The Sad Story of Little Devil (1995)

The Sad Story of Little Devil (1995)

Interview with Dean Alioto at The Big Picture

 I was lucky enough to interview the very talented Dean Alioto, inventor of 'found footage' horror films earlier in the year. His film/video 'The McPherson Tape' (originally known as 'UFO Abduction') has a fascinating backstory and he also shared lots of other sparky anecdotes about his life and work in the movie business.

You can read the full interview at The Big Picture website here....

Making of shot from 'UFO Abduction' aka 'The McPherson Tape' 

My Felt Trip at Haunted Generation

  My 'Felt Trip' is published on Bob Fischer's excellent 'Haunted Generation' site.

Some of the text and pictures have been published previously on this site as well as in Celestial Toyroom spin-off fanzine 'Cosmic Masque'.

Felt Trip here....

Previous entry on this site with a few more pics....

In Cosmic Masque with a few different pics again....

Small Press Day at Gosh!

 I'm a guest at Gosh! Comics for this years Small Press Day. So proud to be taking part with such an amazing line up of artists.

Information about the event can be found at..