Pre- Order 'The Flood that Did Come'

You can now pre-order my forthcoming debut graphic novel 'The Flood that Did Come' published by Avery Hill' The first 50 orders come with a hand stamped, hand drawn, signed postcard size bookplate. Main release date has been pushed back to August however pre-orders should be honoured by the original release date in June.

You can pre-order and read a few more details here....

The images below show the cover, a scene from the book and the bookplate. As each bookplate is hand drawn each one will vary a little in the way it looks.

Isolation Sketches

Like many people around the globe I currently find myself with a bit more time on my hands. I have spent some of this time filling up some sketchbooks. With no immediate end to the current crisis gripping the world it is possible that there may be a few more posts of my sketchbooks to come. Until then stay safe and say in!


Here We Come

Howard Devoto

Union Jack

Lead Baloon



I don't Wanna Go to Bruce Grove


Pre-order 'The Flood that did Come' Bundle from Avery Hill

You can now pre-order with 20% discount my forthcoming book 'The Flood that Did Come' as a bundle with three other excellent tomes from my publisher Avery Hill.

Much more detail to come about my graphic novel 'The Flood that did Come' in the coming months.

Our Spring 2020 Titles Bundle! 4 amazing books at nearly 20% discount, with additional limited edition incentives!
Ships June 2020
(Incentives shall be announced and added as we get closer to the date)
These are strictly limited to 50 sets.

All details here....

The other books are.....
Victory Point by Oliver Pomery
Zebedee and the Valentines by Abs Bailey
What We Don't Talk About by Charlot Kristensen

2020 Project.

The 2020 project is a project being launched by Neil Stringfellow; an acclaimed electronica artist who releases music under the name Audio Obscura. You can check out some of his music here....

This year he plans to release twenty albums by twenty different artists to mark the year 2020. Each album features twenty songs or musical pieces all totalling twenty seconds long. At some point this year I will release the album 'Learning to Swim' through this project. This is my first album (apart from a  couple of compilation appearances) where I am working with a small label so this is an exciting time for me.

All the main details are on the poster below. The project kicked off this month with the first release. Another tape will follow every twenty days. I will post more details as soon as I have them of my own release on the label.

The first release on the label is by Half Unusual and you listen to and buy it here....

Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler T-shirt

Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler inspired t-shirt. I was commissioned to make in the last month.