Last Hand Drawn T-Shirt Art

 In December I announced that orders/commissions on hand drawn t-shirt art had ended. I may still consider making the odd one if the fee is absolutely astronomical though. Don't hold your breath then.

Here is the last one. Which is a remake/re-imagining of a shirt that was made to mark the publication of the short story collection 'Smoke and Other Tales' by Gerry King in 2015. Here are both shirts.

Smoke (2015)


Hand Drawn T-shirt Greatest Hits!

 I have been making hand drawn, bespoke t-shirt art for quite a few years. The first experiments in this medium were in around 2008. I have been commissioned to make around 200 of these in the years since. However, times change and the project has finally run its course and so any commissions on these end at the end of 2023.

You can still order until then.

I first announced the projects end back in the summer, but that led to surge in interest and so I kept them going for a bit longer.

Here are some of my hand drawn t-shirt 'Greatest Hits', or some of my favourite shirts that I can think of the time of writing.

2 Joel Lane inspired T-Shirts

 Joel Lane inspired hand drawn T-shirt art made as part of my day long residency at 'The Witnesses Are Here', a day long celebration of the life and work of writer Joel Lane held at Voce Books in Birmingham on the 11th November 2023.

I am ceasing making hand drawn T-shirt art at the end of the year so if anyone out there wants one better be quick!

'The Witnesses Are Here'- Joel Lane Event at Voce Books

 I am very pleased to be taking part in this event at Voce Books in Birmingham in November. A day long event in celebration of the life and work of writer Joel Lane.

I will be making new art all day in response to the talks and the writing of Joel Lane.

Details and tickets are here.....

Dog Exorcism Print

 You can now buy this limited edition A4 print 'Dog Exorcism' published this month at Exit Press. The 'Dog Exorcism' phrase is taken from a quote in 'We Can Collect the Keys', my collaboration with Clive Judd published last year by Exit.

Each print comes with a copy of 'We Can Collect the Keys'

You can grab your copy here....


'Single Use Only' and 'Surprise View' at Sheffield Arthouse.

 'Single Use Only' and 'Surprise View', two films made earlier this year by Sarah Evans Alwin which she asked me to create some music for are exhibited as part of the Sheffield Arthouse Summer Exhibition. Information on how to find Sheffield Arthouse is on the link below...

They were originally published on Paul Scraton's Elsewhere Journal.

If you are not in the Sheffield area you can also see them here.....

'Surprise View'

'Single Use Only'

In other exhibition news. The Joe Brainard 'We Remember' exhibition in UWE Bower Ashton Library has been extended to 30th September. A parallel exhibition opens 30th July at Hong Kong Design Institute and runs until 30th September. Both exhibitions feature work taken from my book/zine 'Ghost Stories I Remember' published by Colossive Press a year ago.
You can find more information on the 'We Remember' exhibitions here...

Keepsake given to artists taking part in the 'We Remember' exhibition.

'Ghost Stories I Remember' published by Colossive Press can be ordered here....