Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler T-shirt

Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler inspired t-shirt. I was commissioned to make in the last month.

Speech and Learning Comprehension Themed Tee

This hand drawn t-shirt is one of several on high-minded themes commissioned over Christmas. This one relates to the pedagogical concept of 'listening comprehension'

Happy 2020 and New T-Shirt Art

Happy 2020! Here is one of several pieces of hand drawn t-shirt art I was commissioned to make over the festive season. For this one I was given the theme of 'invasive species' relating to botany. I will post the other shirts over the next couple of weeks.

December Gig at The Amersham Arms

A rare live outing from me happens on Thursday the 19th December supporting the excellent band Scandinavia. It is at the Amersham Arms in New Cross.

388 New Cross Road, SE14 6TY, London.

More details here...

Christmas Repeats: Christmas Night: A Radio Musical

My radio musical 'Christmas Night' which was broadcast on Christmas Day 2018 is still available to listen to at mixcloud on the link below in case you need more stimuli to get you in the festive mood.

Some background info to it which I published on this site last year is here....

Christmas Night Poster (Please note that the broadcast info is from 2018)

Happy Halloween Picture featuring the Ilkley Moor alien.

Each year on this site I post a picture relating to Halloween. As a lifelong horror fan and a fan of ghost stories and all things generally spooky the day appeals to my sensibilities you could say.

This drawing depicts the Ilkley Moor Alien. An alien encounter which supposedly took place on Ilkley moor in December 1987. The encounter famously produced a photo of the said alien, which you will find with a quick google search. I remember reading about the case a few years later and vaguely remember hearing about it at the time as I grew up near Ilkley and story would have made the local press. I hope you like this lighthearted take on the Ilkley Moor alien story. Happy Halloween 2019!

'Drawing Perforated Eardrum' film at The Aveton Gifford Film Festival

A short film I made earlier this year detailing the process of illustrating 'Perforated Eardrum' ; the book I collaborated on with Clara Heathcock is being shown this Saturday as part of the Aveton Gifford Film Festival which is organized by the Surf Hams Film Collective. Details of the festival are here....https://www.facebook.com/events/367271450815389/

For those of you not lucky enough to be able to make it, the video is also  available here to watch....

You can still order the book 'Perforated Eardrum' here....