Surprise View

 'Surprise View' is a photo essay by Sarah Alwin which I was pleased to be asked to create some sounds for.

Published by Paul Scraton's Elsewhere Journal. You can see it here....

Kinetic Vacancy Album Cover

 Here is the cover I did for the album 'Kinetic Vacancy', the new solo album by my friend Sam Barton, best know for his stellar trumpet work in the band Teeth of the Sea.

Available on tape and CD. There is also a bonus postcard featuring the full pic used on the cover. You can pre-order it here.....

Zippy Scream Jumper!

 A recently commissioned hand drawn jumper featuring a new version of my popular 'Zippy Scream' image.

Dark Times in a Yorkshire Landscape Single

 A new song I wrote and recorded in collaboration with Mats Davidsen aka Painted Romans is out today. Mats and I have previously collaborated on the songs 'Power Ballad' (from my album ICU on Telephono 1986), 'Drives Me On'  (from the Painted Romans album 'Heart') and the Davidsen and Wray 'My Big Idea EP'. I also covered his song 'Gin and Tonic Tonight' on the album 'ICU on Telephono 1986)

Mats brought the song to life using a very rough demo of the song which I recorded on a nineties Yamaha keyboard. I may upload the demo somewhere at some point so people can hear just how rough it is.

The song is about some of my early memories of when the Yorkshire Ripper was finally caught and the atmosphere of fear that pervaded at the time.

You can listen to the song on bandcamp at....

It's also available on all streaming platforms.

Porno Horror Article in Darkside 236

 My in depth article on pornographic horror films appears in the current issue of Darkside Magazine (236) published end of last week.

You can order a copy here....

It's also on sale at all major newsagents such as WH Smith etc.

It covers a wide variety of films such as 'La Bete' (1975), 'Though the Looking Glass' (1976), and 'Nightdreams' (1982). Even Ben Dover's 'Death Shock' (1982) gets a passing mention!

Through the Looking Glass (1976)

Nightdreams (1982)

Beast in Space (1980)

Widow Blue! (1970)

Happy Halloween 2022

 My drawing/painting of Pipes from 'Ghostwatch' which was broadcast thirty years ago today in 1992. It terrified the nation (including me!) Taken from my short graphic memoir 'Ghost Stories I Remember' published by Colossive Press this year.