'Drives Me On' song on 'Heart' by Painted Romans

 A song I co-wrote with Norwegian  singer songwriter Mats Davidsen who records under the name Painted Romans appears on his new album 'Heart' released today as download and limited edition CD.

The song entitled 'Drives Me On' was written for the Davidsen and Wray 'My Big Idea EP' which was released in 2016. Any hey, the song didn't quite fit into the style of the EP (which is also available as free download on Painted Romans bandcamp page) and it has been reworked to spectacular effect for 'Heart' The song also features Roxy Dunn on backing vocal.

As well as this song, the album also features seven more brilliant tracks that may appeal to fans of The Cure, Depeche Mode, China Crisis and Painted Romans!

You can listen to and buy the album here.....


My Big Idea EP Remastered

 The 'My Big Idea EP' which I made in collaboration with Mats Davidsen of Painted Romans back in 2016 has now been made available as a free download from our respective bandcamp pages. It has been remastered and features a bonus remix of 'Lets's Go to the Beach' by Audio Obscura.

You can read what I said about it back in 2016 here....


My bandcamp here....


Painted Romans bandcamp


                                                         Listen to 'Hey Music Fan!' on youtube.

                       'Power Ballad' Another collaboration between Mats Davidsen and Patrick Wray.



The Flood that Did Come Published 12th August

 My debut graphic novel 'The Flood that Did Come' is finally published this week on 12th August. It is published by Avery Hill and is now available online and from bookshops and comic stores.

You can order via the publisher website here...


I have also created a spotify playlist of songs that reflect the story in some way. Most have an English , pastoral feel in keeping with the feel of the story. Others reflect the theme in some way.

The track listing is as follows...

A Lot's Gonna Change-Weyes Blood

Paper Boat-The Lilac Time

Horsin Around-Prefab Sprout

Rain-Martin Stephenson and the Daintees


Patrick Moore Says You Can't Sleep Here- Microdisney

Junk-Paul McCartney

Interlude-Sophie Ellis Bextor

The Flood-Steven Lindsay

Red Sails-China Crisis

On Your Shore-Enya

Women and Men-They Might Be Giants

You can listen here....https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0kuFAqnrmcSmKiZfjXJnKp

Ode to an Unfashionable Pop Song....

'Ode to an Unfashionable Pop Song' is a short comic done for a section called 'Various Artists' on the music section of the website of graphic novel artist Tim Bird. It is a one page comic about the Chris De Burgh song 'Say Goodbye to it All'

'Various Artists' requires creators to produce a short, one page story about a particular song or musician. I figured there are lots of comics about Sonic Youth so thought I would try something different. Here is the comic and accompanying sketches of Chris and his bassist Pino Palladino who played on many of Chris De Burgh's eighties recordings. You can see the other contributions to the section on the link below as well as check out the excellent work of Tim Bird.....https://www.timothybird.co.uk/various-artists

Doris Wishman Article in Darkside Magazine 210

I have an article on female exploitation director Doris Wishman published in issue 210 of Darkside Magazine. Doris Wishman made such films as 'Nude on the Moon', 'Indecent Desires', 'Let Me Die a Woman' and 'Deadly Weapons' The article provides an overview of her career with focus on her main horror genre entry 'A Night to Dismember' and it's troubled production. It's a real honour to be published again in Darkside having read the magazine for many years. I bought it for the first  time when I picked up issue 2 in 1990.

Some New Drawings for Sale

Most of these drawings are done on a resistant type paper meaning the ink remains on the surface and has a streaked, paint like quality to it. These are £55. Just email me at patrickwray77@gmail.com when buying to notify me of which one you want....


Cat (2020)

Ballet School (2020)

Comet (2020)


Bath time (2020)

Band (2020)

Piggy Pack (2020)

Spillage (2020)