Hand Drawn T-Shirt FAQ

Q. What is a hand drawn t-shirt?
A. This means that it is not a mass produced or screen printed shirt. The image is drawn directly on to the shirt. Each shirt is a unique, one off piece of t-shirt art.

Q. How do I order a t-shirt?
A. You can order by clicking on the paypal link on the t-shirt page. Please send Patrick an email with your shirt size and an idea of the kind of thing you would like on your t-shirt. Patrick will respond within 24 hours.

Q. What kind of thing should I suggest for my t-shirt?
A. It is better to suggest a concept or a theme rather than anything too specific. You can also suggest a title and Patrick will work from that. You can list some of your interests if that is easier and Patrick will try and use them as a starting point. Alternatively, you can leave it to Patrick's imagination.

Q. Will Patrick ever refuse to make my T-shirt?
A. If Patrick finds your idea or concept distasteful or offensive he reserves the right not to do it. In the event of this happening he will contact you.

Q. How long will my t-shirt take to make?
A. Patrick aims to complete shirts as quickly as possible. He aims to do each one within a week but please allow a maximun time of two weeks for completion. Each piece of t-shirt art requires a lot of care and attention to detail. Please keep this in mind if you are ordering as a gift.

Q. What kind of shirts does Patrick use?
A. High quality 100% Cotton.

Q. What art materials are used?
A. Fabric markers, fabric crayons and fabric pens. These are designed specifically for use on fabric to ensure that  they do not wash out easily and retain colour for as long as possible.

Q. Will my t-shirts colour fade after a while?
A. Yes. After a while the shirt will start to fade. By washing at 30 degrees colours will retain vibrancy for a longer period.

Q. Can I iron my shirt?
A. Yes. Please ensure you do not iron directly on to the drawing. Iron the shirt from the inside out.

Q. Are t-shirts refundable?
A. No. Once you have recieved the t-shirt it is non-refundable.

Q. Are the shirts displayed on the site available?
A. Some of them are. Ones that are not available are marked 'sold'. Order via the paypal link and send me an email stating the shirt you want. Patrick will periodically upload new shirts for sale. All of the examples are in a small size.

Q. I like one of the shirts displayed on your site but it is 'sold'. Can you make me another one using the same design?
A. No. These are one off, unique pieces of t-shirt art so if you see one you like then snap it up.

Q. Can my company licence a one off design for production?
A. This may be possible, though the design will differ slightly from the original. Please contact via patrickwray77@gmail.com if you wish to enquire further about this.