80's Doctor Who Fan Art!

Here are some surreal meditations I produced inspired by 80's Doctor Who. The Dalek children pic was published on the back cover of the August edition of Celestial Toyroom ;which is the monthly magazine posted to members of the Doctor who Appreciation Society. It was inspired by some Dalek costumes that were on sale in toy shops in the sixties. The Cyberman picnic pic shows the 'Earthshock' (1982) era Cybermen. The pic with Ace depicts her coming to blows with the Candy Man who featured in the story 'The Happiness Patrol'(1988) The other pic is a disturbing drawing of the underrated sixth doctor.

Taylor Swift's Film Debut?

I hope you like this funny pic I did on holiday. An imaginist film poster for a trashy sci-fi movie starring pop princess Taylor Swift who like zillions of other earthlings I am a big fan of...