Some more Post-It Art from my book 'Post-It's'

Here is a few more pics of post it art included in my all colour book featuring these and around 25 others. You can also buy an individual Post-It via the link below. If you want one please remember to email me via the contact page to let me know which one you would like.

Post It Book

Cyberman T-shirt!

My literal response to the Doctor Who story 'Attack of the Cybermen'...

Post- It's Book

All colour book collecting around 35 pictures drawn on Post-It notes. You can also buy an individual post it from the book, all of which are laminated. The book is four pounds via the link below! If you would like an individual Post-It please email via the contact page to let me know which post-it you would like at the time of purchase.

Post It Book

'The Master' by Teeth of the Sea

The is the new album by splendid proggy post-rockers Teeth of the Sea. I was pleased to be asked to provide a spoken vocal for the track 'The Servant'. The lyric was written by the talented Sam Barton (who plays trumpet amongst other things in the band)I am extremely proud to have made a small contribution to one of the best albums of 2013. Available from this coming monday...