Memories Mix on Spools Out 26th September

I was recently asked by Tristan Bath to create a mix for his resonance fm show 'Spools Out'; a show which celebrates and plays tracks from the thriving underground cassette scene. I have tentatively entitled it 'Memories Mix' as it sprawls across almost twenty years of my recordings with a focus on more recent sonic adventures and some parts recorded especially for the mix. I created the picture below to illustrate the mix in some way and I have also penned a rough guide to the music included in the mix. Spools out will be broadcast at 11pm on the 26th September.

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Memories Mix Track Guide
1. Night Teams (instrumental excerpt) From the cassette album 'ICU on Telephono 1986'

2. 'Stock Market Crash' from the cassette reissue release of the 'Museums EP' originally sent out as a demo in 1999. This version of the song is actually a re-recording from 2012. To save repeating myself you can read the full Athena story here The end of this mix features an excerpt from my radio musical 'Clapton Pond' broadcast on resonance earlier this year. Tristan Bath reviewed it on his Spools Out blog with these kind words ''In a parallel universe, Athena were the 90s equivalent to Silver Apples or Suicide, using synths in their search to disregard standard song syntaxes.''

3.'My New Image' recorded 1999 from the 'Museums EP'

4. 'All I Know' excerpt (2002) From 00 to 10 I recorded three albums under the name Cogs. 'Laughter and Footsteps' (2005) and 'Afternoons' (2009) were mainly culled from a bunch of homemade albums that had been given out to friends. 'All I know' was from an unreleased album called 'The Red Album' did not feature on these and is previously unreleased. Another album 'New Primitive' (2008 was recorded in a studio.

5. 'Career Moves' excerpt recorded 2012. This is another re-recording of an Athena track (original version thought lost) It was recorded for possible inclusion on reissued 'Museums EP' but was not deemed strong enough but this excerpt is quite fun.

6. 'Simon on the Stairs' (2018) A short, bleak poem inspired by the character 'Simon' from my radio musical 'Clapton Pond' but was not included in that recording.

7.'The Song from Inside the Pipes' (2017) from by musical 'Clapton Pond' which was broadcast in March this year on resonance. You can listen to it here....
Some background here....

8. 'Ouija Board' (Excerpt) from the 2017 tape 'ICU on Telephono 1986' Background and track by tack guide here....

9. 'Hey Music Fan!' (2016) is from a collaboration I did with Mats Davidsen of Norwegian pop band Painted Romans. It was recorded in its entirety by sharing files over the internet. Have yet to meet or speak to Mats in person. You can listen/buy the EP here....

10. 'Music Fan' (2009) A recording from the last batch of Cogs recordings and included on the final double CDR 'Afternoons' This track essentially served as a rough demo for 'Hey Music Fan' This is sold out but you can listen to this and the other albums for free on spotify....

11. 'Indie Rut' Another track from 'ICU on Telephono 1986' which you can listen to or buy here.... An earlier version is featured on the Cogs album 'Afternoons'

12. Slap Bass/Uke link (2018)

13. 'The Friendly Song' from 'ICU on Telephono 1986'

14. Organ Link (2018)

15. 'Rusty Old BMX Bike' from the album 'ICU on Telephono 1986'

16. 'Hairstyle' (2000) Originally appeared on Cogs 'Laughter and Footsteps' Probably the most popular Cogs track. A kind of spoofy, experimental poem. It also appears as part of a ten track compilation 'No Hits 00-10' (2013) which is available as a free download at

17. Panpipe Synth link (2018)

18. 'Stuck in a Room' from the Cogs 2008 CDR 'New Primitive' Rather than recorded at home this was done in a studio with my friend Adam Stewart. It has a punk, no wave, industrial feel. I still have a handful of copies of 'New Primitive' for sale.

19. 'Military Fantasist' (2008) An instrumental of a track from 'New Primitive'

20. 'When I was 42' (2003) Cogs track recorded in 2003 and featured on 'Laughter and Footsteps' Improvised with my mother on vocal.

21. 'Stroke' (2003)  Cogs track recorded in a studio with help from my friend Adam Stewart. The text is by my mother and read by my sister , the crime author Sarah Wray.

22. Organ Jam Link (2008) originally part of 'Stuck in a Room'

23. ' Flying Saucer' (Edit) (2001) featured on Cogs album 'Laughter and Footsteps' Recorded with my friend Adam Stewart. This was made up on the spot.

24. 'Night Teams' from the album 'ICU on Telephono 1986'

25. Rocking Chair' (2018) is a cover of the track by Hoagy Carmichael but most indebted to Peter Skellerns version.

26. Lets Go to the Beach (2018) This is a remix of a track from the 'My Big Idea' EP. I took elements of a remix by Audio Obscura and incorporated them into the original track thus creating another remix. You can hear more Audio Obscura music at....

Albums below apart from 'New Primitive can also be bought via bandcamp....


New and Recent Drawings for Sale

Here are some new and recent drawings I have for sale including the 'Countdown' inspired pic that caused a splash in the Countdown orbit when it was kindly retweeted with a nice comment by Rachel Riley. All drawings are A3 and come unframed.


Concoctions and Contrivances by Clive Murphy

I was recently asked by my good friend Clive Murphy to provide a cover picture for his new volume of Ribald Rhymes 'Concoctions and Contrivances'

Clive is an acclaimed social historian and novelist best known for his 'Ordinary Lives' series. You can buy his new volume by cheque via his website and it will be on sale in Foyles soon.

 The cover was drawn to Clives loose specifications and was designed to be a homoerotic take on my own pornographic comic 'Amok' from a few years back. There is a picture from that ans some links to Clives other writings, including a couple of blog posts from the Spitalfields Life blog.

Here also is an extract from the book; one of Clives best ever poems 'A Yorkshire Legend' and it's not even that smutty.

Clives website, 'Concoctions' not on there yet but can be purchased via cheque.


Spitalfields Life on Clives Flat

Spitalfields Life on Clives the Exhibitionist

Patrick Wray Radio Session on Sound Art Radio: The Storer Sessions

I'll be doing a radio session on the 5th of September on Soundart Radio in Devon. Soundart is a station that is affiliated with my old art college Dartington College of Art.The programme 'The Storer Sessions' presented by Charlie Storer is broadcast live on the 5th September.

You can hear a session I did on the Dexter Bentley Show on resonance fm last year here....

The tracks played were:
Ouija Board
Rusty Old BMX Bike