Patrick Wray grew up in the North of England before leaving to study art and creative writing at Dartington College of Art. He is now based in London where he has exhibited work in several solo and group shows. His work has been featured in many publications including The Fader, The Pix, Decode and Times Education Supplement. He has also recorded and released three albums of lo-fi experimental pop. He made his first experiments in hand drawn t- shirt art about five years ago.

Selected Publications:
Boredom (1998) Self Published Comic
Workathon (1998) Self Published Comic
Hell (1999) Self Published Comic with Adam Stewart
Contexture Exhibition Catalogue (1999)
Red Smile (1999) Self Published Zine with Asim Butt
Melody Maker (1999)
Deep Sites (Thames and Hudson) (2000)
Workhouse Drawings Volume 1-3 (2000)
Self Published Comic
Decode Magazine issues 1-2 (2001)
Pure Hate (2001) Self Published comic
Decode Magazine issues 5-6 (2002)
Decode Magazine issue 10 (2005)
Situations in Review (2005)
TES (2005)
The Fader (2008)
The Pix (2009) A1 poster
Nude Magazine (2010)
The Better Idea (2012)Self Published Comic
Post-Its (2013) Self Published Monograph
Geeked Magazine (2013) issues 3-4
Amok (2014) Self-Published Comic
Celestial Toyroom (2015)
Record Collector (2015)
Kron (2016) Self-Published Comic
Keighley News (2016)