Doris Wishman Article in Darkside Magazine 210

I have an article on female exploitation director Doris Wishman published in issue 210 of Darkside Magazine. Doris Wishman made such films as 'Nude on the Moon', 'Indecent Desires', 'Let Me Die a Woman' and 'Deadly Weapons' The article provides an overview of her career with focus on her main horror genre entry 'A Night to Dismember' and it's troubled production. It's a real honour to be published again in Darkside having read the magazine for many years. I bought it for the first  time when I picked up issue 2 in 1990.

Some New Drawings for Sale

Most of these drawings are done on a resistant type paper meaning the ink remains on the surface and has a streaked, paint like quality to it. These are £55. Just email me at when buying to notify me of which one you want....


Cat (2020)

Ballet School (2020)

Comet (2020)


Bath time (2020)

Band (2020)

Piggy Pack (2020)

Spillage (2020)

Tomates in Verano T-shirt.

Hand drawn t-shirt created for  a member of the band Tomates in Verano. Tomates in Verano are an Argentine Shoegaze band. Their recent album 'Todos Los Pias Son Felices' was produced by Graham Sutton from the band Bark Psychosis. I have posted a link to one of the bands recent singles,En El Ruedo' below too. The music they make is well worth a listen....

Two My Bloody Valentine T-shirts

Two My Bloody Valentine inspired t-shirts I was recently commissioned to make. A few more of these to come in the next few days.....

'The Teenage Magus' Comic At Deep Overstock

A four page comic I created entitled 'The Teenage Magus' is published from July 1st digitally by Deep Overstock. Deep Overstock is a publisher which specialises in publishing writing and art by booksellers around the world. It produces a journal called 'Stock' 'The Teenage Magus' appears in issue 9 'New Arrivals'
The comic is available with the work of other contributors here for free....
You can also pre-order a physical copy here....

Teenage Magus Page 1