'Ghost Stories I Remember' published by Colossive Press available from....

'Mirror Mirror' published by Colossive Press. Available at....

'Grandad Reg' published by Kus!. Available at 



'We Can collect the Keys' published by Exit Press. Available from....https://shop.exits.org.uk/product/we-can-collect-the-keys

Published by Avery Hill. You can order here.....

Perforated Eardrum Zine
Perforated Eardrum

Kron Comic

Kron (Sold Out)

Amok Comic (inc P+P)
Amok (Sold Out)
All colour collection of pictures done on Post-Its. There is also an option to buy an individual Post It. Please email me via the contact page to let me know which one you would like at the time of purchase. All Post-It pics come laminated.

Post It Book
Post Its (Sold Out)
This is my limited run zerox comic 'The Better Idea' This is based on the song of the same name by It's Immaterial from the album 'Lifes Hard and then you Die'. I have not made a comic in quite a few years and this was produced quite quickly over a couple of afternoons , partly in order to  help refamiliarise myself with the process of making comics. It is in a different style to the work that I normally post on the site but I hope you like it. The comic is only £2+ P&P. You can also select another option to receive an original picture from the comic for the more than reasonable sum of £10. Some are pictured below. If you like one in particular from the picture or after you have seen the comic feel free to contact and I'll try and send that one. Otherwise you will receive a random pic, but they are all atomic....

The Better Idea Comic



The Better Idea (Sold Out)

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