Three Radio Waves from 2018

One of the highlights creatively for me this year has been getting some of my work broadcast on radio. Most notably I had two musicals I composed for radio broadcast on resonance fm; the well regarded and much loved London based arts radio station.
'Clapton Pond' is a bleak musical, drama set in the area I used to live during the mid noughties. It was broadcast in March.
You can listen to it here.....

Some background info here....

Broadcast just last week was 'Christmas Night' A kitchen sink comedy musical that is a meditation on Christmas. You can listen to that one here....

Some background info here....

Finally, I was asked to create an hour long mix by Tristan Bath for his programme 'Spools Out' which focuses on music released from todays' thriving cassette culture. This was broadcast in September.You can listen here....

Some more background info here....

I hope you enjoy these on some level. I have lots of new work coming in the new year so stay tuned. All the best for 2019.


Christmas Night: A Radio Musical on Resonance FM

On Christmas Day at 6pm  and repeated 28th December 7.30pm resonance fm; the London arts radio station is broadcasting a half an hour long  musical I composed especially for radio. The musical is a meditation on Christmas that follows the story of a fraught family Christmas as well as incorporating traditional Christmas themes like the nativity and Santa Claus. It tries to reflect  a version of Christmas that like many things in life is full of contradictions and disjunction between what we want it to be and what it is in realty. Here is a breakdown of what you can expect.

1.Intro/Christmas Night
A short song. The lyric is taken from a poem I wrote at school when I was about 12.Unlike the rest of the play this song was actually recorded around 2013 and has been gathering dust on a four track tape until now.
 2. Phone Call 1
A cynical middle aged man leaves an answerphone message bemoaning the loss of Christmas true meaning.
3. First Christmas Day
A catchy pop song. This is a re-recording of a song that was featured on the album 'Afternoons' which was released under the name Cogs in early 2010. You can hear the original here on the link below. The original version was recorded in 2001.
4. Phone Call 2: A kindly aunt tries to persuade her nephew Jona to come for Christmas dinner. I named the character Jona after Jona Lewie; the singer best known for his seasonal hit 'Stop the Cavalry' amongst other things as I am a big fan of his music.
5. Driving Up to Keighley
The character Jona sings this song which may have echoes of another familiar Christmas hit.
6. Santas Blues
A song featuring sleigh bells written from the point of view of Santa.
7. Above the Rooftops
A driving rocker vaguely reminiscent in style of Silver Apples that further explores the point of view of Santa Claus as he makes his trip across the world delivering gifts and spreading good will. My friend Adam Stewart who helped me edit 'Christmas Night' together hits an electric guitar on this.
8. Christmas Morn
A short number. The music on this was done by Mats Davidsen from Norwegian pop group Painted Romans. Mats and I collaborated on this EP a couple of years ago.
9. Unwrapping the Christmas Presents: Tensions arise as a family unwrap the Christmas presents
10. The story of the Magi
Taken from Mathew 2:1-12
11. Christmas Dinner
The contentious opinions and forthright personality of uncle Joe threatens to derail the family Christmas Dinner.
12. Christmas Night
A catchy synth pop jazz shuffle. Adam Stewart plays guitar on this. You can hear a radio remix edit of this here....
13. Jona arrives to bid everyone a happy Christmas much to the consternation of uncle Joe.
14. Everybody Likes to Have a Good time at Christmas
Jona sings this song accompanied by uncle Joe and the family to demonstrate the workings of the toy keyboard he has bought for the children.
15. Silent Night/The Bells (Outro)

You can listen to another radio musical I did for resonance called 'Clapton Pond' here....

Christmas Night (Radio Edit) Free Download Single

Please enjoy this free download single 'Christmas Night' taken from a radio musical of the same name which I composed. I hope the musical will be broadcast in the coming week but am still awaiting confirmation of this. I will update this site as of when I have more info.
The picture on the cover of the single shows a bus driver showing some wonderful Christmas spirit in the mighty city of Newcastle. A place I know very well and am very fond of.
Here is the link to the single.....