Halloween 2021!!!!

 I always like to post a pic on here that celebrates Halloween in some way. This years picture is perhaps a broad interpretation of the theme but it's definitely creepy.

A new version of my 'Zippy Scream' as well as the old one. There is more than one version of 'The Scream' so my 'Zippy Scream' is in keeping with Munch's masterpiece.

The first 'Zippy Scream' which was done a couple of years ago. It recently went viral on the Grayson Perry Art Club facebook page where it received around 1.3k likes and was shared to thousands of people via the page. 

I was then commissioned to make another 'Zippy Scream'. You can see both versions below. Happy Halloween!

Zippy Scream 2021

Zippy Scream 2019