Small Press Day at Gosh Comics 2024

 Taking part in this again in August!

I will hopefully be launching a new zine on the day. Details to follow.

Paddy McAloon: The Missing Interviews

 I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email from the great John Birch the other day informing me that he had published his long mooted book of unpublished interviews with Paddy McAloon of the brilliant and much loved band Prefab Sprout. The book is titled 'Paddy McAloon: The Missing Interviews'.

These were carried out as part of the research for a follow up to his book 'Prefab Sprout: the Early Years' to be titled 'The Thomas Dolby Years'.

The book features a handful of rough illustrations I did based on the bands album covers. I did these back in 2018 so I had virtually forgotten about the project when I got John's email. 

You can order a copy of the new book on the link below as well as John's previous two books on the band (both of which are excellent!) The previous books are 'Prefab Sprout: The Early Years' and 'Myths, Melodies, Metaphysics and More' (originally published in 1993 and expanded in 2017)

Protest Songs

Andromeda Heights

The Gunman and Other Stories