Ten Years of www.patrickwray.com

 Yes, this humble site is ten years old. Since then it has attracted over 80k visitors (a fraction of them may have been actual people I'm told)

It first emerged at the end of 2010. The design is the same as it was then. I guess you could say I'm a creature of habit. Thank you to all those who have visited over the years.

As we head toward 2021 I take this moment to look back on a few popular posts from the site.

Bjork Inspired T-shirt (2016)

From 'Perforated Eardrum' Book published 2019.

Ballet: Lockdown Art (2020)

Dalek Kids (Published in Celestial Toy Room (2013)

Wonder Woman T-shirt (2016)

Tay Art (2014)

The Flood that Did Come published by Avery Hill (2020)

Scene from 'The Old Man of Haworth (2015)

The Better Idea Comic (2012)

ICU on Telephono 1986 (2017)

Countdown (2018)

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