Ghost Stories I Remember Zine

 New Zine. My third this year! 'Ghost Stories I Remember' is a graphic narrative. It contains around 16 half-recalled encounters with the supernatural.

Each memory begins with the words 'I Remember'. Inspired by artist Joe Brainard's wonderful experimental memoir 'I Remember'. I originally considered making a longform autobiographical work using the 'I Remember' approach and adding a visual component by illustrating each 'I Remember'. 

However, I decided no-one really wanted to read my autobiography and that I was not even sure I wanted to write my autobiography. Even still, the 'I Remember' concept still interested me and I decided to focus it on a particular subject rather than make an all encompassing biographical work. 

I have always had a degree of interest in the supernatural which in recent years has been fed by podcasts like Unexplained (I was lucky enough to interview Richard Maclean Smith for an event a few years ago) and Uncanny.

'Ghost Stories I Remember' is published by Colossive Press and can be ordered here... 

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Joe Brainard (1964)

'I Remember the Grey Lady of Parkwood'
(unused image from 'Ghost Stories I Remember'

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