'The Extraordinary Life of Clive Murphy' Documentary on resonance fm.

'The Extraordinary Life of Clive Murphy' is a documentary about writer and historian Clive Murphy. Clive is best known for his 'ordinary lives' series of books for which he interviewed various subjects about their lives before editing and publishing a memoir with them. A chorus girl, a pig farmer and a lavatory attendant were among those he chose. He has also published three novels and a several volumes of Ribald Rhymes.

'The Extraordinary Life of Clive Murphy' is based around an interview from 2019 I did with Clive in which he speaks from his home on Brick Lane about his life and work.

An archive of Clive's work is kept at the Bishopsgate Institute in London.


If you are interested in obtaining copies of  Clive's books contact info@greggmckenzie.com

There are various articles about Clive online, most notably at The Spitalfields Life Blog....


Thanks to Daniel Halliday for providing the incidental music and cleaning up the sound.


You can listen to the documentary here....


An alternate edit with a better ending is here...


Unbeknownst to me until today, this was broadcast on resonance fm as part of the Clear Spot Series on January 9th 2021.

Picture courtesy of Spitalfields Life

Originally published as 'Love, Dears'

Joan Lauder (The Cat Lady of Spitalfields) is the subject of an unpublished 'Ordinary Lives' book.

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