'Mirror Mirror' Cartographic Zine

 My new cartographic zine is published this week by Colossive Press. Colossive are a really exciting new publishing venture who have had some great notices from Broken Frontier amongst others.

My zine 'Mirror Mirror' is....

'A snapshot meditation on something or other; fragments of ideas and memories that might be contained within a given moment.'

It folds out like a map into an A4 size poster. I tried to use the format a little by having a mirror image that can be viewed both ways around. I got a bit carried away with the drawing and felt that this aspect got lost a bit and so I did some interesting stuff on the outer foldout in order to work with the shape a bit more.

'Mirror Mirror' can be purchased for £2 or in a bundle with works in the series by other artists such as Hannah Lee Miller, Joe Decie and Simon Russell 

Buy it here....


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